Sunday, June 9, 2013

Help! I am eating out!!!!

I have been on vacation for 2 weeks now and still have 2 more to go! We are loving beautiful Destin, Florida and the beach!


It is gorgeous here and everyday is a relax at the beach kind of day. 

 I have even gotten in some yoga on the beach.

 Lots of time spent with the man I love.The great Mr. CSI himself!

Because we really don't have many plans and just hanging out, I have also gotten in some great workouts. But then there is always the issue, what do I eat when I am forced to go out to eat every day?

This is the hardest part. We do have a small kitchen and have gone to the store for veggies and fruit, but the challenge of finding healthy choices has been put upon me. Luckily, I am on the gulf coast so sea food has been a great choice. Lots of fresh fish to choose from and I am loving it!
But the challenge is still there and if you are heading out on vacation too, then I have some tips for you. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are wondering how to deal with the eating out problem, then I really hope this helps.

~ First, for a beverage, your best option is water. This is something that you probably already do if you are trying to lose weight/get in shape, etc.
I add in a lemon and not only does it add flavor but the acidity from the lemon helps break down fat so it won't store up in the body.

~ Avoid "all you can eat" buffets. You are on vacation and you are tempted to eat everything in sight, but be careful. Limit yourself before you are even tempted. Your eyes are always bigger than your appetite.

~ Check out the appetizers. If you are worried about big restaurant portions, then look over the appetizer menu. Mexican restaurants are perfect for this because you usually have chips and salsa. So, eat something light for the main course. 

~ Keep your meal light by controlling calories, sugars and fat. You can't control what they are doing in the kitchen or how they are cooking your meal but there are some ways you can have control. Ask for salad dressing on the side and add the amount you want. Add little butter or no butter to your meal. Avoid meals that may have heavy creams or gravy. Ask for grilled or steamed vegetables when you can substitute. Just because the meal comes with fries, doesn't mean you have to eat them. Ask for a substitute of veggies. It never hurts to ask!

~ Just eat smart! You can do it. I don't always eat smart and I won't claim to know how to do it, but you can take baby steps in this department. My favorite food has always been pizza. I love it! But since I have been flirting with fitness, I have learned how to eat it in moderation. I have become more educated about food and therefore now I only want good and clean food to enter my body. My health and future health is now my #1 priority and I want to be the best I can be. 
Also, remember it is ok to splurge now and then. Just be smart about it! 
Life is all about choices and making the effort to eat better is the same way. You have choices so try and do what you think is best. If you splurge, don't beat yourself up. Just try again at the next meal or try again the next day. 
YOU can do it! 
YOU can make the decision to change your life, your health and your future!

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