Friday, June 7, 2013

She is such a flirt!


flirt noun

1: an act or instance of flirting
2: a person who flirts
verb \ˈflərt\
a: to behave amorously without serious intent
b: to show superficial or casual interest or liking <flirted with the idea>; also: experiment

That is right! I am a flirt. I might smile too much. I might glance in the other direction. I might give that look of come and get me every now and again.
It all started so innocently. I mean...I have always been active but did I consider myelf completely anamored by this thing that was getting my attention.
No....I couldn't. No....I shouldn't. It would be a commitment. A complete change in the way I live. What would my dear, sweet husband think!@?

I just went for it. It started out slow. I flirted. I showed a casual interest. The feelings got stronger and soon I couldn't go a day without doing it, without feeling the rush.

It had a hold on me. This thing I had so innocently flirted with was now.....dare I say, passion.
Now, I had a secret passion. I had flirted and now look at me???
It all started by joining a running group in my community. I decided I wanted to run a 5K and I needed that extra push to get my rear end out and running. So, I joined this group.
I even got the tank top!
After running for a while and getting ready for my 5K, I also started a 90 day Crossfit challenge.
I am married to a man who loves Crossfit and I had flirted with it. I had done some of the work outs with him, but then I found this website.
CaliFit Mamas
This is a website that has all Crossfit workouts and I decided to join in on the 90 day challenge. This is the moment that I went from flirting with fitness to an all out life changing, kind of love.
When I started the challenge, I knew I wanted to tone my belly, legs and to add more muscle to my arms. I did Crossfit during the day and also improved my diet. I started eating much cleaner. Fresh veggies, lots of fish and protein.
54 days in, I was already seeing improvement and the goals I set were starting to come into sight.

Also, during that time, I completed my 5K, The Color Run.
And I also completed the Spartan Race.
You may notice that I have a very supportive man by my side
He always encourages me to keep trying and he calls me strong. I love that! I never thought of myself as strong but look at me now........30 something and strong!!!
 Now, I still do the occasional Crossfit work out, but I also do alot of Yoga, Piyo and I am training for my first fitness competition. So, I life weights. I am working on building more muscle in my arms and shaping up my legs.
Other than my passion for fitness and living a healhy life, I am am a crafter! My blog is a craft competition blog called
I am the CSI Girl and I have one mission.

My mission is to Encourage creative people to Create, Share and Inspire others! I have created a craft community that inspires crafters to stretch their creative muscles.
I have taken that same mission and incorporated it into my fitness world. I hope to inspire others to flirt with fitness and who knows you may just take the leap and fall in love. You might just create a new healthy lifestyle and feel the best you have ever felt.
Now, is the time to stop wishing you could change your life, your body and your health. Why not flirt a little and see where it takes you?
I am here to help you. I am here to inspire you and who might also flirt with your crafty/creative side too!!!!
And, oh is nice to meet you!
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  1. What a great post!!! Thanks so much for joining us on the link-up!! Your before and after pictures are so inspiring and I LOVE the action shot of you from the Spartan race. I hope that's hanging in your house somewhere. So you love to craft and talk fitness...looks like we are long lost BFFs :-)

  2. I love this! You are amazing!

  3. wow, that's awesome! it's really encouraging to see what you can do when you put your mind to it :D